Documents and Licences Needed to Buy a House on Mallorca
Documents and Licences Needed to Buy a House on Mallorca

Buying real estate is always a complicated task. The buyer has to make sure that the property he or she is buying is totally legal and available for being sold, and that it is technically safe. There is a good deal of anxiety about all these documents, allowances, licenses, and choosing. This is especially hard when buying a house to live in, because so many aspects and factors have to be taken into consideration.

However, everything is twice as hard when one decides to buy a house somewhere outside their native city or even more, country. It is twice as complicated, because, in addition to documents verifying the lawful selling, the safety of the building and everything else concerning the house itself, the potential new owner also has to gather a package of documents allowing his or her to actually buy.

When buying a house on Mallorca things are not different. Foreign citizens are actually allowed to acquire real estate following specific conditions. The relevant authorities thoroughly check the identity of the buyer, and if the buyer can actually pay with legitimate money (and not be stolen, for example). Anyways, one has to know what documents exactly to get before choosing a house on Mallorca.

Package of Documents

The potential owner of the house on Mallorca has to gather the following minimum of documents:

  • NIE – Numero de Identidad de Estrajeros, or Foreign Identity Number. This is a unique personal number assigned to you, You can collect this document from the local Spanish Immigration Offices.
  • Nota Simple – this is a document with information on the identity of the homes for sale in Mallorca, the identity of the holders of the property, the rights of the holders, and limitations on using the property.
  • Reservation Contract – If you have already chosen the house and agreed on the price, you have to make sure that no third party will be able to buy this house before you. Therefore, you need a reservation contract.
  • The first occupancy certificate – this is a certificate that allows to live in the property, connect services to it and also pay taxes for the house.
  • The Title Deed of the property – this is a crucial document in the process of buying a house on Mallorca.
  • The Land Registry – this document closes the buying cycle and makes you the new official owner of the homes for sale Majorca, that is, house and land.

If you are not sure you have enough time to gather all these documents on your own, you should better hire a professional real estate agent. You can hire an agent at home, a local one in Spain, or address the third party company that operates internationally.

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