New Life: Why Is It a Good Idea to Buy Property in Mallorca?
New Life: Why Is It a Good Idea to Buy Property in Mallorca?

Are you seeking a new place for happy long-living? Perfect weather all year round, golden beaches, warm sea, sun and lots of beautiful and exciting places – Mallorca is just made to fall in love with it. Starting a new life on the island with perfect living conditions and infrastructure could bring you new bright emotions and experience.

If the Oscar had a nomination “Nature”, Mallorca would definitely have taken the prize, because you still have to look for such beauty! Mountains and picturesque bays, kilometer-long beaches of the purest milky-white sand and piercing azure of the sky and the sea, olive groves, and orchards – here people are simply admiring the beauty of the local flora. In Mallorca, plants are constantly blooming, which makes the island always shrouded in a festive atmosphere.

It is never too hot or too cold In Mallorca, both in summer and in cold seasons the weather is warm. In coastal areas, even on the hottest day, the sea breeze is pleasantly refreshing. In spring, the air warms up to + 17-23 ° degrees giving the opportunity to sunbathe in early April and even in winter the daytime temperature does not fall below +15 degrees.

Benefits of Mallorca

Despite popular opinion, Mallorca is an island for people of almost any income. The island is full of places where you can relax quite inexpensively. Here you can use cheap public transport (€ 1.5 per ticket) to get to almost any point of the island and see everything that interests you. Moreover, in low season prices are 2-3 times lower than usual.  There are a lot of job proposals for locals in the tourist industry: women can get a job in a restaurant, hotel or as a travel guide.

Property for sale in Mallorca is definitely a perfect investment in a comfortable and happy life. While in Barcelona the price for real estate is approximately 4400 EUR per square meter, in Mallorca you could buy a lovely villa on the coastline or dwelling for life twice cheaper. Property for sale Majorca estimates in 2800 EUR per square meter. Moreover, national banks of Spain are providing good conditions for foreign buyers with a low montage rate of 3-4% per year.

Property for sale in Majorca is very popular among foreign buyers, which make 33,7% of annual deals on real estate. While getting acquainted with your neighbors, it is easy to meet British, Germans, French, Polish, Swedes, Italians or even Ukrainians, which makes the island multicultural.

The inhabitants of the island are very kind to their traditions, therefore, besides official holidays, there are many local festivals, fairs, and celebrations. For example, on January 19 -20 the festivals, parades, concerts, and exhibitions are taking place commemorating the day of St. Sebastian who is the patron of the island. In April, local people support yachtsmen in the Princess Sofia Trophy regatta, and on the last Sunday of September, they celebrate here Watermelon Festival! So you can imagine Mallorca is one big holiday!

According to respectful rating agency Moody`s, in 2019 property market in Mallorca would continue to grow up to 5% annually. Best deal comes from good conditions and forecasts. That is why, If you still hesitating to buy or not to buy real estate in Mallorca – make your own research to make sure.

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